About Us

Electronic News Services, Inc., was founded in January, 1979, by Joe and Beverly Gaston. The Gaston family are Texas Media Legends. Known for founding the Press Club of Amarillo, Texas, founding the Texas Public Relations Association (now part of the PRSA), founding the international industry of Broadcast News Monitoring, founding the worlds first Public Library for Broadcast News, founding the digital video infrastructure for the Houston Chronicle’s website “chron.com”, helping launch KTRK’s website “abc13.com”, producing Houston’s first live broadcasting onto downtown buildings, producing the Houston Grand Opera’s first live performance broadcast from the Wortham Center, and much, much more.

Everyone In Town

ENS, Inc, has produced content for every local television station in Houston, both English and Spanish. We’ve produced content for every national network, both English and Spanish. We’ve produced content for every major cable news network and many other major cable networks. We are comfortable with any production environment at any budget.

Leading the New Live

ENS, Inc., is the new local live broadcasting leader for streaming live events, sports, concerts, anything. We can create a simultaneous live broadcast across all social media outlets, television stations, and/or pay-per-view audiences. Let us produce your next live event and hit your audiences wherever they are.


ENS, Inc., has generations of experience with sports productions, streaming and broadcasting. We have produced content for all major sports teams in Houston, Texas, including the live Pre and Post Game shows for the Houston Astros. We have also worked with numerous school districts for live broadcasting of their sporting events.